Property Tax Information

West Traverse Township Treasurer – Kristi Hollingsworth 

Deputy Treasurer  –  Amy Peters

Contact Information:


 Phone: (231)526-7361


  • It is the responsibility of the property/home owner to make sure we have the most up to date address for the mailings. If changes need to be made, please email or call the township office.
  • If a tax bill is not received in a timely manner, please contact the office and we will provide a bill for you.
  • ALL payments must be made for the exact amount owing.
  • We do not accept payments, credit cards, etc., over the phone.
  • If paying in cash, please provide the exact amount. We do not have cash/change in the office and are unable to provide change.
  • No overpayments can be accepted.
  • We cannot “apply any overages to future bills”.
  • Please make sure the check is filled out properly.  I.E. it is signed, dated and written for the correct amount.  If not, it will be returned.
  • If you would like a receipt, please include a note with the payment and one will be provided via mail or email.  Please include email address if need be.

June 28, 2024:  Summer taxes will be mailed.

Monday September 16, 2024:  Summer Taxes are due.

Tuesday September 17, 2024: 1% interest will be added to the unpaid balance.